Silent Hill : Revelation (2012)

Written and directed by Michael J. Basset and starring Adelaide Clemens, Radha Mitchell, Sean Bean, Martin Donovan, Carrie-Anne Moss and Malcolm McDowell.

“Heather Mason” is drawn into Silent Hill in a search for her father.


In this sequel we follow a woman on a search for her father that leads her to Silent Hill and the strange occurrences and creatures of the mysterious place. In this one the place itself is explained a bit more and a large group of zealots populate this one. There are some twists and turns and for me some great new creatures. This movie portrays a “people make their own hell” world and i have always liked that idea. The story can be confusing so be prepared and pay attention. The Hellraiser-esque feel intensifies for me in this one (the two Silent Hill movies are better than some of the Hellraiser sequels lol). I know these kind of movies aren’t for everyone, my sister isn’t a huge fan of either franchise. My favorite part is when Pyramid Head gets the spotlight for a pretty entertaining fight scene.

Tara liked it ok for a score of 47/100, I highly recommend it with a score of 87/100


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