The Video Dead (1987)

Written and directed by Robert Scott and starring Michael St. Michaels and Roxanna Augesen

Plot : Zombies walk right out of a family’s brand new TV set to kill them….though strangely not to eat them

the video dead poster

Ok so…horrible acting. The zombies find everything funny, one has no idea what a blender is despite having clearly died after the invention of a blender. There’s an angry tooth brushing scene. No one in the movie seems to think zombies are that big of a deal. The movie just keeps making up rules as they go along. no one is likable,bad motive, unrealistic, poorly written and completely not re-watchable.

Tara hated it, gave it a 13/100. I liked it twice as much!! lol for a score of 27/100. We do not recommend it, unless you like crap.


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