Enter Nowhere (2011)

Directed by Jack Heller.  Written by Shawn Christensen and Jason Dolan.  Starring Sara Paxton.

Plot: 3 strangers arrive at a remote cabin one by one and must figure out why they’re they and unable to leave


While this was listed on Netflix as horror, it is NOT a horror movie.  It’s barely a thriller.  It’s more like a really long episode of The Outer Limits.  I can’t even write too much about it because anything I say will give things away.  Just know that this is a character study more than anything.  One where not everyone is so likable in the beginning because they have to learn and grow during the course of the film.

For what it is, DJ gave it a 50/100 and I gave it a 58.  But it’s not a horror movie.  Just an okay way to waste some time.


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