Hold Your Breath (2012)

Directed by Jared Cohn.  Written by Geoff Mead and Kenny Zinn.

Plot: a group of friends start getting picked off after one of them refuses to hold their breath while driving by a graveyard


We were excited to watch this because the whole holding your breath myth is awesome and we thought they’d be able to do something really cool with it.  Well, we were wrong.  Someone else needs to try to do it because the writers and director of this movie totally missed the mark.

The death scenes are completely unrealistic.  A lot of times you have to deal with that, even in good movies, but since this wasn’t a good movie, the chick getting cut in half unrealistically and the mixer taking off his face unrealistically seem really hard to handle.  The rules were made up as they went along.  For instance, in the beginning only bad souls possess people, but eventually the warden possesses someone even though he’s a good guy.  (what???)  The special effects are horrid.  The inevitable “fight scene” is hilarious.  The ghosts look like Casper.  Really.  Like Casper.  Also, the end is ridiculous.  And the dialogue is ridiculous.  Except for the old dude.  He’s awesome.  Clearly the best part of the movie.

I suppose it’s a good pick if you want to laugh your ass off.  But don’t pay anything for it.  Not worth all that.  I gave it a 27/100 and DJ actually gave it a 38.  But maybe that’s just because of the gratuitous boob shots.  LOL

“Are you paying someone to help you misunderstand me?”


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