Exorcismus (2010) aka The Possesion of Emma Evans

Written by David Munoz. Directed by Manuel Carballo. Starring Doug Bradley (for about 2 minutes)

Plot: a young girl believes she is possessed and seeks out an exorcism from a priest


First off if you watch this because of Doug Bradley’s billing, you will be disappointed as he is only in a tiny little bit. The movie itself was well made, feels crisp but is schizophrenic in its execution. It jumps from place to place with seemingly no real direction. It left wih a ton of questions such as, why does she tickle her brother while he is naked in the tub…why don’t they do the exorcism all at once. Why do they keep letting her off people. Also no one tells her what she has done. Makes no sense.

I have decided that if i am ever possessed i will be attacked by lollipos and rainbows not fuckin cockroaches!! ewww skeeves me out, seriously i have like a disorder or something.    Despite the production value and the convincing acting this move is boring. If you are looking for a stupid way to waste your time and string you along to no real payoff than watch this junk. Tara gave it a 15/100 and me a 21/100. We can’t recommend this movie!

The devil doesn’t always lie…if he can cause pain by telling the truth,                                 then that’s what he’ll do


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