Feast II: Sloppy Seconds (2008)

Written by Patrick Melton and Marcus Dunstan.Directed by John Gulager. Starring Clu Gulager, Carl Anthony Payne II, Martin Klebba and Judah Friedlander

Plot: The monsters invade a nearby town chock full of “interesting” people.


Sadly this movie lives up to it’s subtitle, it is indeed sloppy. Where the first one succeeded, this one fails. They kill a baby and a dog needlessly.”That mother fucker killed the baby, what the fuck!?!?”. a direct quote from me during the movie. That may not bother everyone but to us its bullshit.  The monsters even rape cats, so yea a lot of pointless weird crap. The movie is incredibly gross, even more so than the first but with less meaning to it all. Tara went in not expecting much and got her wish.

No motive, no rules, not nearly as enjoyable as the first and there was little to no story. I did however enjoy the bikers chicks…nude biker chicks lol, they were a lone bright spot for me, namely Chainsaw Chelsea Richards, look her up, shes hot. But a beautiful redhead couldn’t save this move from itself.  Tara gave it 24/100 and i gave a 37/100. Avoid it unless you wanna see alotta gross and some hotness but save yourself and just look at pictures of em haha.

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