Virus (1999)

Written by Chuck Pfarrer and Dennis Feldman. Directed by John Bruno. Starring Jamie Lee Curtis, Donald Sutherland, William Baldwin and Marshall Bell.

Plot: the crew of a tugboat find an abandoned Russian ship that turns out to be not so abandonedvirus_jamie_lee_curtis_john_bruno_008_jpg_nkbuAs you can see the “creatures” are very much The Borg meets Cenobites, which i loved. This movie is really funny, both intentionally and unintentionally. I couldn’t help but to make a bunch of Baldwin jokes. Though i didn’t like some of the money grubbing characters, there were great lines like “I’ve got a bad latissimus Ritchie!”. By the way if you wanna get stupid drunk play a drinking game while watching this movie and take a swig every time someone says Ritchie. Do not do shot or you will die! lol. It felt on purpose how many times they said his name, trust us, drinking game would be alotta fun. Be safe, no lawsuits.

This is a based on a comic book. It is definitely horror meets sci fi. The credits music is horrible, like a pirate musical or something. Highly original with great innovation and realistic responses. It followed rules and the dialogue was really enjoyable. Great cast and effects with a good story and ending and very re-watchable. Humans are a virus so we liked the motive. We both recommend this movie as a really fun time, Tara gave it a 74/100 and I gave it a 76/100. Watch it, at the very least you will laugh!

“Nobody should just carry rocket launchers around like that!”                                                     —Me while watching the movie

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