Mutants (2009)

Director:David Morlet (as David Morley)

Stars:Hélène de Fougerolles, Francis Renaud, Dida Diafat

Plot: a stupid woman tries to keep her lover alive after he’s been bitten by a zombie-like creature (cross between 30 days of night vamps and 28 days later infected)


This a French film, i know some people don’t dig foreign movies but give this one a shot. This movie has some great visuals. The effects and kills are pretty amazing. Te guy with the Machete was the best…everyone else was pretty annoying if not down right bad.

The movie followed rules and had a good story. Tara and I got different things out of the end, my outcome was more hopeful. I can’t say too much about the movie as a whole or I’ll ruin it but please give this a chance, it is worth a watch. Tara gave it a 64/100 and I gave it a 74/100, some genuine scares await you!

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