The Last Exorcism (2010)

Written by Huck Botko and Andrew Gurland. Directed by Daiel Stamm. Starring Ashley Bell and Patrick Fabian.

Plot: A minister who no longer believes in exorcism’s agrees to have his last one recorded. He wants to make a little money and prove exorcism’s are a fraud.


I wanted to like this movie but apparently the filmmakers didn’t care so they made it like this.  The first half of the movie was all about setting a mood with intro to the story. Then 30 minutes of a girl being freaky, if you dislike animal harm as much as my sister does then this will piss you off.

The end comes as a slap in the face because it tries to be a totally different movie in the last 2 minutes!! The “shock and awe” ending only succeeds in inducing eye rolls and “what the fucks”.

A list of goods…Actors, Idea, Effects…but they screwed it up. We personally do not consider this a horror movie, more of a weak thriller with some really gross parts, do not eat while watching! This wasn’t worth the dollar we spent on it at Redbox! Verdict is…skip it, we both gave a 20/100. In the words of a couple of great critics…Hated

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