Fear Island (2009)

Written by Jack Harry and Jeff Martel. Directed by Michael Storey.

Starring Lucy Hale, Aaron Ashmore and Haylie Duff.

Plot: Five students on spring break meet at a secluded island cabin for a weekend getaway. They eventually find themselves stranded on the island with a mysterious killer.


I was bored lol, not a good start. The story was just stupid like the whole movie and yet it tried so hard to be smart. People not leaving when they should have, plot holes. Tara hated it and called it obnoxious.

The detective was a dick and seemed like just a bad actor who saw way too many cop movies. Info was given out readily that either wouldn’t have been given or shouldn’t have been given by a doctor.They also discuss the “right” way to torture someone.             Horrible writing.

Tara despised it with a 14 out of 100 and i gave it a tad bit of credit with a 29 out of 100 but that could have been due to eye candy for me.

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