Friday the 13th (1980)

Written by Sean S. Cunningham and Victor Miller. Directed By Sean S. Cunningham.

Starring Betsy Palmer, Kevin Bacon, Adrienne King and Ari Lehman.


This is obviously a classic, a pinnacle of the slasher genre. Some of this movie is really fucking funny, some of the best 80s slashers are. The Friday music is iconic and it has likable people, a good motive, nice innovation and it followed rules. It has a great script, direction and cast. Highly re-watchable. Fantastic if not quintessential revenge story.

There is one really offensive cop near the beginning lol. God sent crazy Ralph, sure why not, but why does he stand alone in small dark rooms? The killer sneaks up on everyone except the last girl, why?? Betsy isn’t exactly good at scrapping directly so why fix what ain’t broken. It has the classic “This isn’t funny anymore” line and a girl does a pretty good Katharine Hepburn impression. Great Ending!

Overall we both loved it, it is a classic that spawned 11 other movies and counting. Tara gave it an 89/100 and I gave it a 94/100

Suggested drinking game is :Every time someone dies, you hear the kill kill mama music and when someone gets naked! enjoy!!

One thought on “Friday the 13th (1980)

  1. Great read! Stop by and check out my theory that Jason Voorhees is really a misunderstood man trying to save the world every Friday the 13th!

    I have even made some posts about Black Christmas (and other horror movies for the holidays) and then my previous one is about Surviving Valentine’s through Horror-Inspired Abstinence! Would love to hear your all’s feedback 🙂


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