My Bloody Valentine (1981)

Directed by George Mihalka.  Written by Stephen A. Miller and John Beaird.  Starring Don Francks (who I personally loved as “Walter” on “Le Femme Nikita”).

Plot: a decades old story about a guy who murders people on Valentine’s Day turns out to be really, really true

my-bloody-valentine-movie-shower-1981A little town is told never to celebrate Valentine’s Day again – or else – but after 20 years the kids just don’t accept that anymore.  A party is planned and as warned, people start dying.

DJ said that there wasn’t an ounce of intelligence in this movie after the party goers split up for the 27th time.  Also, when you finally receive the motive, it feels kind of forced.  And when did not looking in the fridge when you open it become a thing to do?  We’ve seen it done in other movies as well (ie. Slumber Party Massacre), but when we open the fridge we always look inside, so we’d always see the body/head/organs and we’d know there was trouble.

I thought this was a pretty decent movie.  Nothing spectacular, but definitely worth a watch.  The end was good and the ending song was PRICELESS.  However, DJ didn’t agree with me all that much and finds it completely unwatchable a second time.

I recommend with a 57/100 while DJ only gives it a 30.


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