The Invisible Maniac (1990)

Written by Matt Devlen, Tony Markes and Adam Rifkin. Directed by Adam Rifkin.

Starring Matt Devlen

Plot: A maniac science professor makes himself invisible and starts killing his students.


This movie is pure cheese! I say that with love though. The first time i saw this movie i was probably about 10 and it was like 3am on HBO lol. There are some incredible kills in this movie like death by sandwich and also a kill that makes no sense but it’s all part of the ridiculous B movie camp.

So many boob shots you could play a drop out drinking game. Entertaining enough with no award winning acting or story. Adequate though. All in all I actually recommend this movie, its fun to watch at least once just for the kills and boobs haha.

We both gave it a 45/100 just because it isn’t really good but it was worth the watch.


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