Husk (2011)

Written and directed by Brett Simmons.  Starring C.J. Thomason (and some other people I don’t care about).

Plot: a group of friends become stranded at a desolate farmhouse in the middle of a cornfield and are soon hunted by scarecrows


I love horror movies.  Always have, always will.  But sometimes when you watch certain horror movies you end up with more questions than answers.  Like, why were there nails in their fingers?  And why didn’t they try destroying the sewing machine?  And why did they keep splitting up?  And why when she said “I think that scarecrow is a person” did he not check to see if – in fact – the scarecrow was a person?  And why didn’t they just try to take off all the scarecrow’s masks since it seemed to incapacitate them?

These people don’t work together nicely.  I don’t even think some of them tried very hard to keep themselves alive.  It’s unrealistic and the story behind the scarecrows is crap.  But I wouldn’t say I hated.  I mean the acting was decent and there were good special effects and I did get to watch C.J. Thomason run around for a while.  And he’s cute and all.

Still, I can’t really recommend it unless you also like C.J. Thomason.  So, I give it a 30/100.


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