Tormented (2011)

Written By Stephen Prentice, Directed By Jon Wright, Starring Alex Pettyfer.

Plot: after a bullied kid kills himself, his tormentors start dying off not-so-tragically.

tormentedThis movie is a little bit of a slow burn but stick with it because the payoff is great! They take the time to build characters and set things up. The kids are little piss ant followers and have never had an original thought which lends to the joy of them dying.

Really funny in parts. No real likable characters save for the “killer”. Great motive! Followed rules and was super realistic. Great acting , i believed the kids were little bitches lol. This movie had great effects, good direction and i find it highly re-watchable.

Over all this is a great revenge tale! we both recommend it, Tara with a 76/100 and i loved watching bitches get theirs for an 85/100.

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