Friday The 13TH Part VIII: Jason Takes Manhattan

Written and Directed By Rob Hedden. Starring Kane Hodder, Jensen Dagget and V.C. Dupree.

Plot: Jason is a stowaway on a cruise ship full of high school students bound for NYC and he is killing people the whole way there!

kanehodderjasonThis has a couple great and memorable kills like a head getting punched off lol. There’s a lot of annoying people in this one as compared to others in the series. It also raises a few questions like, Is her boyfriend trying to drown her or save her? Because sometimes you can’t tell and why are you casually walking through the sewer when there is a killer after you and toxic waste is about to rush through?! and why was Jason deformed, then not deformed then deformed and then not again??! Fashion is also a big part like her bf, Sean, wear a members only jacket the whole time lol. Also life jackets are not a good look for every one.

There is a horrible body double for Tamara so look out or that , plus she coulda ran but didn’t but you are probably gonna want her to die so it’s all good. V.C’s directions had to be “act blacker.” Every time he is on screen we know he’s the stereotypical black guy calling every one a “mutha fucka” or a “sucka” lol. I personally think he may have sprained his black shooting this movie. The Asian girl runs to the biggest room on the ship and spins around until Jason can come kill her!! That is not how you escape you coked out bitch!

Jason sticks to not killing small children or dogs, so points there and look out for a cameo by Ken Kirzinger who later plays Jason in Freddy VS Jason.

Overall the movie followed rules but didn’t have a solid opening, perhaps the only Friday without one. For us it was average but a fun Jason movie, Tara gave it a 52/100 and I gave it a 57/100.

The slashed scenes on the dvd are horrible but the gag reel is good.

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