Jason Lives : Friday The 13th Part VI (1986)

Written and Directed by Tom McLoughlin.

Starring Thom Mathews, CJ Graham, Jennifer Cooke, Tony Goldwyn and Ron Palilo.

Tommy Jarvis accidentally brings Jason back to life while trying to end Jason for good and another killing spree ensues.


This is a really good Jason movie with likable characters, great innovation, this has our favorite kill in the entire series in this movie, can you tell which one? haha. Great quotable script, great cast. Good opening and ending. CJ makes a great Jason and is super nice in person, if you ever get the chance to meet him, go for it.

We love that Jason never kills animals or small children. Deputy Rick is awesome, he has so many one liners in this it’s great. This movie overall has some pretty great lines. Tara loves Thom Matthews and I am pretty fond of him too, both in this and Return of the Living Dead 1 and 2.

A very funny movie but has no boob shots and yet it is a must own for horror fans! We both Love this movie a lot, it is among our favorites of the series with my sisters score a 98/100 and me with a 94/100. You have to see it!

Drinking game:every time a joke is cracked someone dies or Jason pops up unexpectedly!

“Where ever the red dot goes, ya bang.”

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