Madison County (2011)

Written and Directed By Eric England. Starring Colley Bailey, Matt Mercer and Ace Marrero.

Plot: A group of college kids travel to a small town to interview an author who does not want to be found!


This movie is a rip-off of every other backwoods movie, right down to the vehicle graveyard. Took every bit of Texas Chainsaw and watered it down! It was really hard to like anyone when it seemed like they were all trying their best to make the dumbest possible decisions!

Story sucked, why was he baiting them? Wouldn’t they just come back with the police? It tried to be intense but it failed miserably. It had no motive to speak of and was completely unrealistic, had a bad script and no rules.

Sure it’s a great idea to go fence hopping in the back woods lol.  We DO NOT recommend this movie , it was pretty bad, we gave a score of 27/100.

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