Feardotcom (2002)

Written by Moshe Diamant and Josephine Coyle. Directed By William Malone.

Starring Stephen Dorff,Natasha McElhone, Stephen Rea and Jeffrey Combs.

Plot:48 hours after logging onto a website, people die.

MCDFEAR EC077There was either bad writing,acting or direction because the lead actress finds everything funny for some reason! We hated the lead girl and her weird character, though half way through she becomes more likable. Not to mention the improperly set up romantic relationship between her and Mr. Dorff.

Its a very visually dark movie. They talk at length of running out of time but there is no sense of urgency. It’s a slow pace with little to no tension, and no one really hurries at all. Inconsistent story, sloppy writing, changed rules around.

This dead girl wants revenge which i love, revenge movies are yay! but she does kill innocent people getting to the conclusion so boo there. But overall i dug the revenge angle, punishing people who watch but do nothing! I would have preferred a slightly different ending.

It was creepy , almost jump scary and had a bit of a Hellraiser feel in parts and the dead girl was cenobite-esque. I did wonder why Jeffrey Combs was a one man back up, you’ll see what I mean, it was unrealistic.

Everyone (other critics) seemed to hate this movie so we thought we might too but we didn’t, its was actually ok, Tara gave it a not that good 39/100 but i liked it with a 56/100, not the best you are gonna watch but good in places.

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