Sand Sharks (2011)

Written by Joe Benkis. Directed by Mark Atkins

Starring Corin Nemic and Brooke Hogan


Not much good to sat about this movie besides at least Corin tried to deliver lines well but the script didn’t help him. They said it wasn’t a prehistoric shark in the movie but all the summaries we read said otherwise, they also said it woke up during an earthquake but you never see the earth quake. Also says the sharks attack at night but 90% of the people killed are eaten during the day.

Every time the cop talks he tries not to open his mouth but just ends looking like the joker minus the makeup. They want us to believe Brooke Hogan is a Dr….. sand sharks i can believe but not that lol. There is an old guy who becomes Irish half way through the movie. A bunch of kids are dancing perfectly spaced apart, not grinding, not drinking but building sand castles and yet somehow are still called punk ass kids??

Best part is when someone tries to put someones else’s insides back into them. Also towards the end of the movie there is a really funny part when Brooke has a twitching fit in her face. The effects are also horrible, all in all its a so bad its funny movie so watch it for the laughs and to make fun of it but it isn’t good we gave it a 31/100.


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