Night of the Demons 2 (1994)

Written by Joe Augustyn and James Penzi. Directed by Brian Trenchard-Smith. Starring Christine Taylor.

Plot: Another batch of hormonal teenagers go to Hull House, where demon Angela is still roaming the halls waiting to kill anyone who comes in.


The writer of the original returns for the sequel. Nice reworking from the original. It humors us both greatly that so many religious people don’t actually believe in all facets of their religion which is a really realistic aspect of this movie.

There are plenty of boob shots since the girls keep getting completely naked in front of windows. A bit of over-acting, especially from “Shirley”.  There are some really likable characters like the nun “Sister Gloria”, “Perry” and “Bibi”. though we HATE the priest.

Regular god vs demons rules applied in this one good rules points. Nice innovation, some nasty stuff. A part even made us sad.

All in all a good movie that we recommend Tara gave it a 63/100 and I gave it a 79/100

“you guys think you’re so great just cause you’re bigger, tougher, and better looking than everybody else.”


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