Dead and Breakfast (2004)

Written and directed by Matthew Leutwyler.  Starring a shit ton of cool peeps like David Carradine and his niece, Ever Carradine, Diedrich Bader, Devon Gummersall, Bianca Lawson, Jeffrey Dean Morgan, Erik Palladino, Oz Perkins, Gina Philips, Jeremy Sisto and Vincent Ventresca.

Plot: a group of friends headed to a wedding stop off at a weird little inn in a weird little town with what becomes a BIG zombie problem


Aside from the very normal zombie movie plot above, the movie is highly abnormal.  It’s, strange enough as it is to say, a zombie-horror-musical-comedy.  And it totally works!!

Me and DJ were apprehensive going into this thing because while zombie-horror-comedies have been great (Zombieland and Shaun of the Dead particularly), horror-musicals have let us down (DJ actually fell asleep during Repo! The Genetic Opera and I was genuinely pissed off that I didn’t by the time it was over).  But this movie was absolutely fantastic!

It’s low budget, but so well done.  Entirely bloody and entirely hysterical.  There are no boob shots, but there’s no real opportunity for one either.  It followed all the strange rules it put out there about the weird little box and the weird little man.  It wasn’t really scary and zombie movies should be scary even when they’re funny, but the above average innovation, excellent dialogue, renowned cast, likable characters and magnificent ending make up for it.

The most impressive parts are the death scenes, especially Erik Pallidino’s (which isn’t wholly surprising, so I’m not spoiling anything).  The down-home sheriff played by Morgan, who says things like “that’s like trying to sneak a sunbeam past a rooster” and “you ’bout as handy as a pocket on a shirt” is also delightful.  But what’s really enjoyable about this movie is the music.  Most of it comes in by actor/writer/musician Zach Selwyn and his country-rock band Zachariah donning cowboy hats and singing lyrics that brilliantly sum up all the action on the screen.

This movie isn’t loved by everyone, but we just think they don’t understand it.  Perhaps it’s just a love-it-or-hate-it type film, in which case, we love it!!  And we recommend it.  We also own it.  And we give it an 84/100.

PS – You should probably stay to hear the credits song.  It’s marvelous.

PSS – I forgot to gush about the Thriller-esque dance sequence, but I’ll leave that alone.  If you watch it, you’ll love it and you’ll know.

“We’re comin’ to kill ya.  We’re comin’ to kill ya.”

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