Jack the Reaper (2011)

Written and directed by Kimberly Seilhamer.  Starring Tony Todd, Sally Kirkland and Chris Bruno. Plot: a group of teens on a field trip to study the industrial revolution run afoul of Railroad Jack This is a movie with a great set up.  It's been used before, but we appreciate the whole jig.  Why?  Because the … Continue reading Jack the Reaper (2011)


The Mirror (2014)

Written and Directed by Edward Boase. Starring Jemma Dallender, Joshua Dickenson and Nate Fallows. Plot: 3 idiots film themselves in a small apartment with a supposedly haunted mirror to try and win a paranormal contest and one million dollars. I was really bored the entire time i watched this movie, Tara enjoyed the first half … Continue reading The Mirror (2014)

5 Movies Starting with ‘H’ that Wish They Were Halloween

The Hamiltons (2006) Possibly one of the worst Films To Die For.  We will die if we ever have to watch it again.  A kid with a camera, some nasty incestuous sex scenes and a "surprise" ending that is fucking bullshit!  If DJ had known it was just a vampire story, he never would have … Continue reading 5 Movies Starting with ‘H’ that Wish They Were Halloween

Angelic Wolves: The Movie (2015)

Written and directed by Dark Libra.  Starring Braeden Baade, Anna Crysell and CJ Forst. Plot: it is a quirky little spoof of Twilight, but instead of a vampire, he's an angel and a wolf... LOL This is a short film.  About 25 minutes long.  And it's hilarious.  Now, I liked Twilight.  Our mother was addicted … Continue reading Angelic Wolves: The Movie (2015)