The Mirror (2014)

Written and Directed by Edward Boase.

Starring Jemma Dallender, Joshua Dickenson and Nate Fallows.

Plot: 3 idiots film themselves in a small apartment with a supposedly haunted mirror to try and win a paranormal contest and one million dollars.


I was really bored the entire time i watched this movie, Tara enjoyed the first half but for her the second half was boring with no payoff. Not scary but funny, a slow burn but again had no satisfaction. They filmed a bunch of nothing with meaningless shots of an average mirror. Paranormal activity type slop.

Matt is a particular kind of asshole, why not tell your friends that you’re walking around with a knife and then yell at them when they find out. We feel like it wasn’t all the mirror’s doing that he was a jerk.

No back story so no motive. Ok special effects on what they actually showed us. Bad sound we had to have the tv up super high. Bad Ending. Decent Acting.

Tara was super disappointed by the last 30 minutes, the movie felt so long. All in all we can not recommend this movie , Tara gave it a 17/100 and I gave it a 24/100.

“I’m so ready to be scared. Scare Me.”


We don’t know who is in the mirror or how it was haunted. What took them over?? What was with the eyes??!!


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