The Last Winter (2006)

Written by Larry Fessenden and Robert Leaver. Directed by Larry Fessenden

Starring Ron Perlman, Connie Britton, Zach Gilford and Larry Fessenden.

Plot: a group of people working for (or with) an oil company become trapped in a drilling base in Alaska and start to go crazy.


This movie left us with nothing but questions. Like what was the point of this movie??!! What the hell was that ending about ??!! I guess with the ending it was a larger scale problem.

Did this have something to do with extinct species coming back to kick our asses? If so they could have done that a whole lot better.

We thought the ice dragon thing was cool, but what was it?, why was it? and of course how was it?

We don’t know the motive and it had no rules. The movie had a good cast and good effects but and we think no movie sets out to have no story but this one just does not have a story.

Mostly it was just boring and we both gave it a 20/100


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