Lifeforce (1985)

Written by Cam Wilson (novel), Dan O’Bannon, Don Jakoby, Michael Armstrong and Olaf Pooley.

Directed by Tobe Hooper

Starring Mathilda May, Steve Railsback and Patrick Stewart.

Plot: “space vampires” are bought to London and start wreaking havoc.


This is a long movie and it really does not need to be that long at all. I do not tend to like vampire movies and space vampire movies are no different in the worst possible way. Though it does have some pretty cool make up effects, good acting and plenty of boob shots, over all the movie is pretty skippable.

Patrick Stewart is in it for all of maybe 20 minutes which takes a big draw and completely under utilizes him and makes even putting his name on this suspect.

We both thought the movie was pretty bland and gave it a score of a 39/100

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