Salvage (2009)

Written and directed by Lawrence Gough.

Plot: a container washes ashore on a small British beach and the beast inside it is let loose


This movie was a complete waste of time.  What’s worse is that we were in it for the first bit.  The acting was good.  We thought the story was headed in a good direction.  Boy, were we wrong.  It turned out to be without a story.  It was sort of like someone opened a book, read you Chapter 3-10 and then stopped, even though there were 20 chapters in all.

There were no rules.  No Freddy Claws.  No likable characters.  And the only thing we learned from this movie was that, once again, the military is NOT to be trusted in horrific times.

It isn’t getting the worse score from us, but we don’t recommend it.  Not unless you enjoy being completely unsatisfied.  We gave it a 33/100.

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