Jason Goes to Hell: The Final Friday(1993)

Directed by Adam Marcus.  Written by Adam Marcus, Jay Huguely and Dean Lorey.  Starring John D. LeMay, Steven Williams and Kane Hodder.

Plot: LOL – apparently Jason has more of a family than just his dead mother and that introduces us to a whole new world of horrors


If you’re one of the people who think that Jason X was the worst of the franchise, you may have subconsciously removed this one from your brain.  This movie is just silly it’s so stupid.  All the magical shit out of nowhere, the dagger, Jason eating hearts to switch bodies, that black tongue/worm thing, etc. etc.

And the end!!  Can we talk about the end!!  I don’t really EVER want you to watch this one, so I’m giving it away.  A freaky little Jasonesque baby creature, crawls outside of one person just to crawl inside the vagina of another person.  Yes.  True story.

The movie only really gets points because Jason, duh… and because it had some cool kills, it was funny (if only unintentionally), I love John D. LeMay, DJ loves boobs and the “Freddy cameo” was pretty sweet.

Together, me and DJ give it a whopping 25/100 and tell you that during your Friday the 13th marathon, you could skip this one altogether and miss absolutely nothing but grossness.

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