Hidden (2011)

Directed by Antoine Thomas.  Starring Jason Blicker, Devon Bostick, Sean Clement and Jordan Hayes.

Plot: a man and some friends travel to a building that he’s inherited now that his mother is dead, but this building holds terrifying secrets


Brian Carter inherits property from his mother, Susan, who was known to be pretty crazy. She conducted experiments that weren’t always kosher.  One experiment was a particular “success”.  She developed a toxin that if injected into the brain could stop addiction.  This was of course, too good to be truly healthy though and you figure out why during the course of the movie.

This is a really original concept.  We’ve never seen anything else with dealing with addictions in this manner.  The characters were likable.  Good dialogue.  Good script in general.  And the Freddy Claws was pretty amazing.  I mean, as soon as the shit got anywhere near that fan everyone wanted out.  It was just too late, of course.

We also enjoyed the moody lighting, but the rules were a bit strange.  Figuring out why “addictions” manifest the way they do is really difficult.  And some of the reactions are a bit weird.  Either you’re fine or you’re not, but there’s clearly something freaky going on, so pick a damn emotion and run with it.  Then there was the end….

But you should probably watch it for yourself and see how the end treats you personally. Even though we only gave it a 56/100, we totally recommend you watching it.  We liked it. It’s definitely better than half the other shit floating around out there.

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