Boo (2005)

Written and Directed by Anthony C. Ferrante.

Starring Trish Coren, Jilon Ghai, Happy Mahaney and Dee Wallace.

Plot: a group of people get trapped in a haunted hospital.

boo pole head

This movie wasn’t very well written or acted all the time. But it did have good effects and was funny in parts. One of the guys, Kevin is a fucking dick.

Tara was so bored that she fell asleep and a dog dies in this so you know thats points off for her so she just piggy backed off of my score.

There could have been boobs but weren’t. The whole movie takes place on Halloween night. The setting is a famous white hospital that has been used in many horror movies.

Overall this was un entertaining and repetitive. It lacked originality and any real concern for the protagonists. We didn’t hate it but we gave it a low score of 25/100.

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