I Still Know What You Did Last Summer (1998)

Directed by Danny Cannon.  Written by Trey Callaway.  Starring Jennifer Love Hewitt, Freddy Prinze Jr., Muse Watson, Brandy, Mekhi Phifer, Jack Black, Jeffrey Combs and Jennifer Esposito.

Plot: same as the first pretty much – someone still knows what these kids did and they’re still coming after them.


Jennifer needs a vaca after the first movie.  She also apparently needs time away from Freddie, which isn’t even the dumbest move she makes in this movie.  But her boobage is back.  So is her tank top and her spinning and screaming.  It’s a funny movie, again though, not always intentional.  It was entertaining though.  We found it better than the first one.  And DJ has more eye candy to look at, so that shot if up some points for him.

Bad news though, people fought unintelligent.  And what possesses girls in horror movies to get showers alone.

“OMG.  People are dying.  It’s so stressful.  You know what I need to do, get a shower by myself in that big creepy bathroom.”

I figured out the big reveal well before it happened, but this movie was still creepier than the original even though the motive was a bit far fetched.  And sadly there is no Freddy Claws.  Everyone just kept yelling at her.  It’s not like she hasn’t been attacked before. Maybe you should assume she knows what she’s talking about so that you make it through the movie.

I increased my score to 43.  DJ upped his all the way to 51/100.  Wow.

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