Mama (2013)

Directed by Andres’ Muschietti.  Written by Muschietti, Neil Cross and Barbara Muschietti. Starring Jessica Chastain and Megan Charpentier.

Plot: Annabel and Lucas get custody of his nieces when they’re found leaving in the woods alone in the woods for five years


Lucas’s nieces, Victoria and Lilly, don’t come to his home alone though, do they?  No.  It wouldn’t be a horror movie if they did.

I have to say first thing that I believe this will be a horror movie you either love or you hate.  I haven’t been able to find anyone who just shrugs at the thought of it.  I was fortunate enough to see it while it was in theaters and I screamed out loud on several occasions.  People laughed.  I didn’t care.   I really liked this movie, even if the end is kind of sucky.

However, I went with my brother and my best friend and they both hated it.  The end ruined the whole thing for my brother.  And my friend was on repeat, saying “I can’t believe she did that.  I can’t believe she did that.”

But Jessica and the girls are soooo good in their roles.  And the movie is so scary.  I had to take away some points for things (no rules, crappy ending, etc.), but I still gave it a 71/100 and I say it should definitely be watched this Halloween.  DJ only gives it a 35 though.  But I say watch it and see who’s side you’re on.  You can let us know in the comments.


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