The Faculty (1998)

Directed by Robert Rodriguez.  Written by Kevin Williamson, David Wechter and Bruce Kimmel.  Starring Jordana Brewster, Clea Duvall, Josh Hartnett, Shawn Hatosy, Elijah Wood, Famke Janssen, Piper Laurie, Robert Patrick, Jon Stewart and Usher.

Plot: the faculty at a high school are turning into aliens and they have the students on the run


Almost 20 years ago now, (someone hit me with something hard) there was this angst fueled horror gem.  I was 16 at the time and identified with Stokely (DuVall) the most, although I never loved the jock.  My sights would have been set on Zeke, drug dealer, rebel, all around James Dean attitude complete with wanting to ride too fast in a cherry car.

The movie starts with him and I suppose ends that way, too.  He is the “leader” of the bunch trying to survive without becoming aliens themselves.  Although his crush on a certain teacher (Janssen) almost gets him dead, he’s the one who figures out how to kill the aliens.  After that, it’s just a matter of figuring out the bad guys from the good guys.

We really like this movie.  There are some things that could be better.  Because of it’s wide release and rating, there’s no boobs.  Also, no Freddy Claws and no one likable in the first 30 minutes or so.  Even Stokely’s a bit harsh for no reason.  I also have a problem with the mouse death (may he RIP) and the use of a Creed song.  Because any Creed song, at any time, is bad news.


The acting is good though.  The cast is great.  It followed rules and it’s fun to watch.  And DJ, with his happy ending, loving self, adores the sweet changes in the students lives by the end of the movie.  It’s enough to make a normal person want to throw up.

Give it a go people, if you haven’t already.  We give it a 65/100.

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