The New Daughter (2009)

Directed by Luis Berdejo.  Written by John Travis, based on a short story by John Connolly.  Starring Kevin Costner, Samantha Mathis, Erik Palladino and Ivana Baquero. Plot: a single father and his 2 kids move into an old, secluded house in the middle of the woods and suddenly, the daughter begins to act bizarre ******SPOILERS******SPOILERS******SPOILERS******SPOILERS******SPOILERS******* … Continue reading The New Daughter (2009)


Deadline (2009)

Written and directed by Sean McConville.  Starring Brittany Murphy, Thora Birch and Marc Blucas. Plot: a writer with a deadline goes to a big deserted house to get some work done in the peace and quiet, but instead finds that eerie things start to happen almost immediately I watched this movie without DJ.  God, is … Continue reading Deadline (2009)

Bedeviled (2016)

Written and directed by brothers, Abel and Burlee Vang.  Starring Saxon Sharbino, Brandon Soo Hoo, Victory Van Tuyl, Mitchell Edwards and Carson Boatman. Plot: 5 friends are terrorized by a supernatural entity after downloading a mysterious app SO, how many apps do you have on your phone?  I have plenty.  But I don't ten to … Continue reading Bedeviled (2016)

Creep (2004)

Writer/Director Christopher Smith.  Starring Franka Potente and Joe Anderson. Plot: a woman gets stuck in the train tunnels with a killer A really tired party girl decides to leave one party for another because she believes George Clooney is going to be there.  She falls asleep in the underground train station and when she wakes … Continue reading Creep (2004)

Life (2017)

Directed by Daniel Espinosa.  Written by Rhett Reese and Paul Wernick.  Starring Jake Gyllenhaal, Rebecca Ferguson, Hiroyuki Sanada and Ryan Reynolds. Plot: a crew on a space station discover a rapidly evolving organism that kills anything and everything with a pulse This is going to be brief because I don't honestly want to give anything … Continue reading Life (2017)

The Shining (1997)

Directed by Mick Garris.  Written by Stephen King (novel and teleplay).  Starring Steven Weber, Rebecca De Mornay, Courtland Mead, Melvin Van Peebles and Cynthia Garris. Plot: a recovering alcoholic and his family move into a haunted hotel so he can work as it's caretaker while in the off-season Filmed at the actual hotel the story … Continue reading The Shining (1997)

The Shining (1980)

Directed by Stanley Kubrick.  Written by Stanley Kubrick and Diane Johnson.  Based on the novel by Stephen King.  Starring Jack Nicholson, Shelley Duvall, Scatman Crothers and Danny Lloyd. Plot: a man gets a job in an isolated hotel for the winter and slowly starts to go mad, putting his family in danger I believe there … Continue reading The Shining (1980)

The Similars (AKA Los Parecidos) (2015)

Written and directed by Isaac Ezban.  Starring Luis Alberti, Fernando Becernil, Carmen Beato, Humberto Busto, Cassandra Ciangherotti and Gustavo Sanchez Parra. Plot: on October 2, 8 people, stuck in the rain, experience a strange phenomenon in a bus station This Spanish movie is really just the worst, most annoying Twilight Zone ripoff.  I swear that Ezban … Continue reading The Similars (AKA Los Parecidos) (2015)

Chopping Mall (1986)

Directed by Jim Wynorski.  Written by Jim Wynorski and Steve Mitchell.  Starring Kelli Maroney, Mary Woronov, Russell Todd, Barbara Crampton and Tony O'Dell. Plot: a group of teens are trapped in a chopping mall with new, murderous, security robots The mall has recently increased security everywhere.  They've even gotten a bunch of robots that stun … Continue reading Chopping Mall (1986)

Goodnight Mommy (2014)

Written and directed by Severin Fiala and Veronika Franz.  Starring Susanne Wuest, Elias Schwarz and Lukas Schwarz. Plot: twin boys begin to believe their mother may not be their mother anymore after she has some cosmetic surgery This review will contain A LOT of SPOILERS AHEAD.  Why?  Because I HATED this movie and I want … Continue reading Goodnight Mommy (2014)