Smiley (2012)

Directed by Michael J. Gallagher.  Written by Michael J. Gallagher, Ezra Cooperstein and Glasgow Phillips.  Starring Caitlin Gerard, Keith David, Shane Dawson and Liza Weil.

Plot: an urban legend about writing “I did it for the lulz” during an online chat, causing Smiley to come and kill the person you were talking to


Usually, I don’t have a problem giving movies away.  I’ll do spoilers all day long, so long as I tell you they’re coming.  With this movie though, I don’t want to give anything away.  If you’ve managed not to hear too much about this one, you should go in pure.  The less you know, the better.  Don’t let anyone ruin it for you.

The movie’s been severely criticized over the years.  It’s been said to have ripped off Scream and Candyman (we think it’s better than both those movies even though those movies are good in their own right).  It was also said to be dull (no), generic (unh unh) and lacking originality (what?!).  This movie was so well done.  Well acted, well thought out, well directed and well told.  The writers were smart.  Sure, the ending’s been done before, but never with so much intelligence.  And if you do decide to watch it, make sure to catch the after credits scene.  I believed my brother and I clapped the first time we saw it.  And the number one reason we like it is that everyone gets theirs.  Everyone.

Frightening, funny and smart, it was the best horror film of 2012.  Make sure you watch the gory outtakes and the gag real.  We give it a 94/100.  Barely anything wrong here.



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