Nothing Left to Fear (2013)

Directed by Anthony Leonardi III.  Written by Jonathan W.C. Mills.  Starring Anne Heche, Jennifer Stone, Ethan Peck, James Tupper, Rebekah Brandes and Clancy Brown.

Plot: a pastor and his family move to a new town, but the town is creeptastic and has a few secrets


The pastor, his wife and their 3 children move to Kansas.  The main girl isn’t that good at acting.  The little boy is adorbs though.  The daughters really cuss a lot for pastor’s kids.  I mean, I’m not sure if they really respect their father’s profession.  Anyway, the pastor (Tupper) moves to Kansas to take over for the old pastor (Brown) who is apparently retiring.

Once in the town, the movie really shifts focus to the 2 daughters.  There’s Rebecca, who has caught the eye of the old pastor’s son, Noah (Peck).  And there’s Mary, the one who is unfortunately “selected” by God to save the town.


There’s a nice, big summer festival.  Everyone in town gets ready for it.  Rebecca tracks down Noah.  Noah has a scar he won’t talk about.  Half the family ends up drugged and Mary is possessed by the devil and sent back home to presumably take the rest of her family out.  She doesn’t look nice either, but the other kids are like “Let’s call Mom”.  Screw that, we would have thrown something at her and run away.

In the end, Mary kills all her family except Rebecca and then Rebecca’s blood is somehow used to get rid of devilish Mary.  It’s not very explained.  It’s never explained.  A lot isn’t explained.  Like, what the fuck is the point?  Religious nutjobs will inherit the earth?  DJ and I were so angry.  It wasn’t even entertaining.  It was just maddening.

We gave it some score because the actors were good and the specials as well.  But it lost a lot of points for making the hotness of Ethan Peck completely undesirable and killing so many damn sheep.

Score: 10.

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