The Plague (2006)

Directed by Hal Masonberg.  Written by Masonberg and Teal Minton.  Starring James Van Der Beek, Ivana Milicevic, Dee Wallace and Joshua Close.

Plot: 10 years after all the world’s children fall into a deep coma, they wake up hellbent on killing all the adults


So, we watched this movie twice because we thought we were missing some miracle explanation.  We weren’t.  This movie is pretentious as shit and I find that when I read about people who “understood” the movie, they sound pretentious as shit, too.  What was the motive?  What were the rules?  It appears to be religious in some way, but why?

Tom (Van Der Beek) comes home after being imprisoned carrying The Grapes of Wrath with him.  This book is also about a man named Tom who’s imprisoned and comes home to find the world shit, possibly worse off than before.  However, The Grapes of Wrath is about greed and surviving the Great Depression whereas this crap movie seems to be about religion and surviving a weakly explained Village of the Damned.

DJ found it hard to get past the super strength of the children when they woke up.  Scientifically, their muscles would have atrophied over time, not gotten stronger.  But somehow we’re supposed to believe the opposite is true.  And say we do get past that glaring problem, then we have to deal with the ending of the movie.

SPOILER ALERT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Tom himself gets on the bullshit religious train that says he has to sacrifice himself for the good of everyone else.  So, he does.  But why then were all the children standing outside her door after that?  And why did she leave the door open for them?  And why did that one kid have The Grapes of Wrath book now?  Was he Tom now?  Did he take his soul?  WHAT WAS THE POINT??

Of course, the one thing we really liked about the movie was Sam.  He was funny and he had good, realistic reactions, but he died.  They all had pretty good reactions.  There was good acting all the way around.  I feel sorry for the actors.  They should have been picked up and dropped into a different, much better movie.

Our score: 19.

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