Splinter (2008)

Written by Ian Shorr and Kai Barry

Directed by Toby Wilkins

Starring: Jill Wagner, Paulo Constanzo and Shea Whigham

Plot: A young couple and a convict must work together after being trapped inside a gas station by a parasite who turns its hosts into killers


This movie has a good cast and good effects. Though we only really liked Jill at the beginning, others grew on us. It had a great motive int hat the parasites represented nature and therefor survival. The rules were well established and followed.




::::::::SPOILERS AHEAD::::::::::



The movie starts off with our couple being carjacked by a psycho couple. They get to a gas station where the attendant attacks the bad female and kills her and she becomes more evil. The good couple and the psycho man are trapped inside the gas station by two parasites that try to get inside. The pieces can act independently of the whole. The bad guy eventually partially redeems himself by making the ultimate sacrifice for the couple.

Bottom line is when the shit hit the fan they worked well together.

We both really enjoyed it, Tara with a 74 and me with a 79/100




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