The Collector (2009)

Directed by Marcus Dunstan.  Written by Dunstan and Patrick Melton.  Starring Josh Stewart, Andrea Roth and Madeline Zima.

Plot: an ex-con plans a heist at his new employer’s home unaware that a second, more vicious criminal has rigged the house with deadly, highly innovative, traps


The first in the collection series and this movie has almost no merit at all.  DJ didn’t even want to watch it because the plot didn’t sound good to him.  He did though and then he hated himself for it.  It really pissed away all his chances.

2 animals die in the movie – a cat and a dog.  The killer seems to have super powers.  It’s unrealistic, there’s no motive and no rules.  How did he have time to set all that shit up?  And in the end, DJ hated that he had to be so worried about the little girls.  We won’t give too much away, but when the ambulance comes, no police come with them.  Again.  Unrealistic.

The redeeming qualities it did have were few, but I’ll explain.  The innovation was commendable.  It was an original story, even if an awful one.  And the acting was okay, too.

But all in all, we do not recommend.  PLEASE DO NOT WATCH THIS MOVIE!!

My score: 24.  DJ’s score: 10.

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