The Dark (2005)

Directed by John Fawcett.  Written by Stephen Massicotte, based on the novel by Simon Maginn, entitled “Sheep”.  Starring Maria Bello, Sean Bean, Maurice Roeves, Sophie Stuckey and Abigail Stone.

Plot: a mother and father in mourning are haunted by an angry child’s ghost


Adelle and Sarah are on this road trip to where their husband/father lives to put their family back together.  When they get there, the locals tell them of this “Annwyn”, which is, in fact, what the Welsh believe to be the after life.  But, and I think this was made up for the movie, the locals here have believed that if you send someone to Annwyn, then you can get someone else out.

So, of course, Sarah drowns or goes missing or whatever.  Not really all that important, just know that she’s gone.  Adelle is beside herself.  Seriously, the movie is 1 hour and 40 minutes of her screaming “Sarah!”  But then Ebrill shows up and things get really weird.

******SPOILERS AHEAD******



Ebrill is the ghost of a little girl that died 50 years ago.  Her father, the head of the church, sacrificed, like, lots of people to get her back.  I thought you only needed one, but whatever.  After his sacrifice, she comes back wrong.  Of course.

Hop to the present, Adelle decides to take Ebrill back to Annwyn and drown the both of them, so that Sarah can come back.  Well, it works.  So, you think.  Sarah comes out, and so does Adelle.  But, in the final moments, it’s revealed that Sarah is not Sarah, but Ebrill, who is now out permanently I guess and Adelle isn’t back at all.  She’s there, but she’s still dead, so no one can hear or see her.

But why??  What for??  Who??  How??  The point of the movie is….

                                        SOMEONE EXPLAIN!!!!

DJ called me a son-of-a-bitch after it was over because I picked it out.  And cause it wasn’t really horror.  And cause it didn’t make any damn sense.  And cause a lot, A LOT, of sheep die in this movie.

Our score: 10.


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