The Boogeyman (2005)

Directed by Stephen Kay.  Written by Eric Kripke, Juliet Snowden and Stiles White.  Starring Barry Watson and Emily Deschanel.

Plot: Tim (Watson) tries to deal with the boogeyman that has haunted him his whole life


Tim’s life started with his father locking him in closets, which is a fucking shit thing to do.  As he grew, the boogeyman continued to haunt him.  DJ didn’t like that aspect.  He doesn’t think the boogeyman should be able to go after adults and kill anyone it likes.  DJ also didn’t like anyone, including Tim.  He thought he was a puss.

I liked Tim though.  I felt bad for him.  No one believes his story and it’s a real shame.  So, there was no Freddy Claws.  No real innovation because nothing was shown.  No rules.  I mean, why did he see the dead girl?  And how did his girlfriend disappear from the bathroom tub?  That’s not a closet.

The end of the movie really got to me though and DJ said that was okay.  Why?  Because how does Tim go about explaining the disappearances of 2 people?  DJ considers it a plot hole.  His wealthy girlfriend can’t go missing without some detective somewhere nailing Tim’s ass to the wall for it.

I recommend a watch though, but DJ doesn’t.  My score: 49.  DJ’s score: 32.

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