Cell (2016)

Directed by Tod Williams.  Written by Adam Alleca and Stephen King.  Based on King’s novel of the same name.  Starring John Cusack, Samuel L. Jackson and Isabelle Fuhrman.

Plot: a mysterious cell phone signal causes people to become zombie-like – Clay, Tom and Alice fight to survive


In order to truly allow you to know how I feel about this movie, I have to give away the ending.  So, here’s a serious warning.

******SPOILERS AHEAD******




Now that that’s done, this movie sucks!!  This is coming from someone who loved and owns the book.  I’ve read it more than once.  Cover to frickin’ cover.  But this movie just went and blew the book to pieces.  And Stephen King had a hand in doing it.  I love the man, but I have hated him, too.  This is one of the hating times.

It starts off well enough.  Clay (Cusack) is in an airport when shit goes down as compared to the street he was on in the book, but whatever.  Semantics.  I’ll give that one to him.  After that, he meets up with Tom (Jackson) and Alice (Fuhrman) and they all decide to hang out together.  Clay wants to get to his son and his wife, so yes!  Let’s do that!  This was the movie and this was the book.  Coolness, right?  Wrong!!

At the end of this shit movie Clay becomes a “phoner”.  And his wife and son are phoners.  And you really have little to no idea what happened to Tom.  At the end of the book, it was different.  Hopeful even.  Tom was headed to Canada with some others and yes, Clay’s son was a phoner, but Clay had an idea to get him back.  And that’s how it ended, with that hope.

There’s no hope here.  No recommendation either.  It was like the book for a while though, so we give it some points.  Our score: 33.

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