Jason X (Friday the 13th Part 10) (2001)

Written by Todd Farmer

Directed by James Isaac

Starring Kane Hodder

Plot: Jason returns in the 25th century, in space, aboard a ship after being cryogenic-ally frozen


Possible spoilers but if you haven’t seen jason x by now, what are you waiting for??!!

First off i was not a big fan of uber Jason, i don’t like the big red eyes or the fact that his mask was changed so much. But he looks kind of stupid before becoming uber Jason too, with strange patches of hair on him. I did like the surgical looking machete he used sometimes. What  is with the space clothes though??!!

We loved the the girl from the 20th century knew exactly how to use a gun from the future just because she knew guns from the past, thats like saying i can ride a 10 speed so a motorcycle would be easy. They kill off a lot of the likable people in the beginning and leave you with the main girl who can’t act and the annoying fucking android.

Some bad acting but others are cool, so it’s about 50/50. Some good , funny dialogue. Some really good kills and boob shots. overall not a bad movie, it’s quite entertaining actually and the end is pretty sweet. No Freddy claws though.

Usually Tara hates it when Jason kills outside of Crystal Lake but this wasn’t his fault.

We gave it decent scores with Tara giving it a 49/100 and me a 55/100


“Guys it’s ok, he just wanted his machete back”. rofl

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