Fear Itself: Spooked (2008)

Directed by Brad Anderson.  Written by Matt Venne.  Starring Eric Roberts.

Plot; a P.I. with a bad past is on assignment in a haunted house and crazy shit starts happening


From the director of Session 9, comes this tale about a bad cop who uses violence to solve his cases.  When he’s fired he takes a job working with divorce cases mostly, spying for spouses who think their significant other is cheating on them.  When he takes his current case he has no idea that it may be his last.

Apparently, his ghosts come back to haunt him.  But we were hard pressed to find any sense in any of it.  Maybe it’s because he’s an unsympathetic character who you don’t care about going crazy.  Maybe it’s because you the ghosts of his past aren’t all that sympathetic either.  We’re not sure.  We just know that without the directer and Roberts, this would have gotten a zero.

Our score: 10.

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