Fear Itself: Eater (2008)

Directed by Stuart Gordon. Written by Richard Chizmar and Johnathon Schaech, based on a short story by Peter Crowther.  Starring Elisabeth Moss and Russell Hornsby.

Plot: 4 officers at a police station have more than they can handle in a serial killer/”eater”


The main character reminds me a bit of myself.  She knows a ton about horror and is very into serial killers.  The only difference between me and her is that she wants to be a cop and I would just never.  Anyway, the story follows her mainly and the serial killer that’s just been brought into her jail.  He’s what they call an “eater”, meaning he’s a cannibal.  He fries up peoples fingers like little sausages at one point.

I was impressed with the script and the story and the monster.  He is really frickin’ creepy.  Also, his teeth are nasty as hell.  The story followed rules, it was realistic and it had a great cast.  We didn’t love the end, but it was appropriate for the story.

We recommend it.  It’s one of the best episodes of Fear Itself.  Our score: 68.


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