Fear Itself: New Year’s Day (2008)

Directed by Darren Lynn Bousman.  Written by Steve Niles and Ben Sokolowski, based on the short story “Dead Time” by Paul kane.  Starring Briana Evigan, Niall Matter, Zulay Henao, Corey Monteith and J. LaRose.

Plot: a young woman wakes up, hung over, on New Year’s Day, to an apocalypse


In this episode, we follow a young woman played beautifully by Briana Evigan.  She has just had a horrible night, but can’t remember much of it do to her hangover.  All she knows is that she argued with her boyfriend and will do anything to find him.  The catch – there’s a zombie apocalypse outside that she has to wander through in order to get to said boyfriend.

Our mother loves Steve Niles.  He’s her favorite horror guru and this piece of work is no exception.  The zombies in this episode are skilled, appear to have emotions and can communicate with one another.  It’s very original and the story is great.  There’s a lovely twist at the end that I defy you to see coming.  Me and DJ were both surprised and both excited by the implications.

Don’t give up on the series before watching this episode.

My score: 81.  DJ’s score: 90.

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