Fear Itself: Skin and Bones (2008)

Directed by Larry Fessenden.  Written by Drew McWeeny and Scott Swan.  Starring Doug Jones, Molly Hagan, John Pyper-Ferguson, Brett Dier and Gordon Tootoosis.

Plot: rancher, Grady Edlund, returns home after being lost in the woods for days and his family notices that he isn’t quite right


Well, I love Doug Jones, but I hate dead horses, so this episode was middle of the road for me.  We enter the show as a loving family is worried sick because the husband/father hasn’t returned from the hunting excursion.  5 minutes later, he shows up, only he’s not looking so good.  Kind of pale, sickly thin, with a hunger for human flesh.  Okay, so that last part doesn’t come up right away, but honestly, as bad as he looks, I’m not sure I would have let him into my house anyway.  Husband or no.

The acting was great, the make up was great.  I so wouldn’t watch this alone.  It’s pretty disturbing.  But the rules suck.  Like really suck.  How are you supposed to kill this thing?  We’d really like to know.  We recommend it though.  The sucky rules aren’t enough for us to keep it to ourselves.

Our score: 59.

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