Fear Itself: Something With Bite (2009)

Directed by Ernest R. Dickerson.  Written by Max Landis.  Starring Wendell Pierce.

Plot: a vet is bitten by a large animal and begins a transformation


Wilbur Orwell, vet, family man, gets bit by a werewolf that is brought into his practice.  When people start turning up dead, Wilbur thinks it could be him doing it, but since he doesn’t remember killing anyone, he hopes it’s not true.  And that’s about all I can tell you about this episode.

It’s a funny episode.  Also, people die.  It’s just the kind of thing me and DJ like to watch.  Plus, there’s a code of conduct in this that says “you wouldn’t do anything as a dog that you wouldn’t do as a human”.  And we really respect that.  Great effects, great story and a great ending.  We approve wholeheartedly.  It’s the best Fear Itself there is.

Our score: 84.

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