Fear Itself: The Spirit Box (2009)

Directed by Rob Schmidt.  Written by Joe Gangemi.  Starring Anna Kendrick and Martin Donovan.

Plot: a dead school girl contacts 2 of her classmates during a seance to help her find her murderer

The Spirit Box

This is another one I watched alone, but wish I hadn’t.  Made me jump.

From the director of Wrong Turn, comes this episode where 2 girls make a homemade Ouija board (not sure why they didn’t just buy one, but whatever).  While doing a seance on Halloween, an old classmate who apparently killed herself says “hey guys, guess what, I was murdered”.  So, the 2 girls set out to figure out who murdered her.  In the meantime some not cool shit happens.  I get scared once.  It’s good  Really good.  But the end, oh I did NOT see that coming.  But bitches be crazy sometimes.

Besides the poor Freddy Claws, I wholeheartedly recommend.  My score: 77.

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