Supernova (2000)

Directed by Walter Hill.  Written by William Malone, Daniel Chuba and David C. Wilson.  Starring Angela Bassett, Wilson Cruz, Peter Facinelli, Lou Diamond Phillips, James Spader and Robin Tunney.

Plot: in a world with non-violent cartoons and population control, a search and rescue team made up of very attractive people in deep space answer a distress call from a mining operation and find themselves in real danger


This is not a popular movie and to be honest, DJ doesn’t really like it either, but I do.  I liked the story.  I like the space stuff and the relationship stuff and all the other stuff in between.  It has a great cast, no one can deny that.  And the specials are quite good as well.  Also, I love, love, love the ending.  It stayed with me for 18 years so…

Walter Hill actually started the movie, but didn’t want his name on it at the end.  They used a fake name, Thomas Lee, instead.  Apparently, Hill wanted it to be darker and more disturbing so he quit.  Of course, I don’t agree with him much.  The only things I don’t like about the movie are the darker qualities.  Like the fact that Facinelli is impossibly invincible.  And that while he gets younger and stronger, for some reason he also turns into a Buffy vampire which I don’t get.

Like I said, I really enjoy the movie, but DJ doesn’t recommend it.

My score: 74.  DJ’s score: 44.

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